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Whether it is billing, helping hospitals transition smoothly to value-based reimbursement or facilitating the integration of newly acquired physician group, EZ billing Co is well-equipped to take on the challenges faced by hospital and healthcare systems by providing custom solutions to boost your organization’s revenue cycle.


Relief your staff of administrative burdens as our team of professional billers take care of the paperwork to help boost revenue, and increase operational efficiency. Our dedicated understands the needs of modern healthcare systems by ensuring error-free charge entry, increased collection rate to help your practice get the best possible ROI.


At EZ Billing Co, we provide Medical insurance verification, the process in which a medical billing team determines a patient’s insurance coverage for medical services, as well as the patient’s financial responsibility. We complete all insurance verifications before scheduling services. This early verification benefits both your business and the patient.


EZ Billing Co provides assistance to practices needing help with Coding as our Certified Coders are available to help you catch and fix any potential coding issues. Get the highest standards of coding accuracy and compliance as our team is proficient in CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS codes and NCCI edits and assign the most accurate codes for services provided.


This is also referred to as Charge Describing, here at EZ Billing Co, we provide a set of processes by which charges for medical services and other patient-facing services are submitted to the appropriate payers for billing. At EZ Billing Co, our experienced stall will enter accurate charges against all the rendered procedures to ensure maximum reimbursement.


EZ Billing Co will provide timely, accurate, and electronic claim submission. All the claims will be submitted electronically as our team has more concerns about fast delivery. As soon as the claim reflects the payer it will take less time to process and reimbursement. After accurate claim creation, it is then analyzed carefully and submitted to the correct payer.


Claims rejections occur when the clearinghouse or the payer stops a claim from entering their processing system. This is typically due to missing, incomplete, outdated, or incorrect information included in the claim. But here at EZ Billing Co, our experienced team will help you to minimize claims rejection so that it can reflect your claim to the respected Insurance carrier in one go without any waste of time because we know that time is money.


EZ Billing Co believes in providing quality services to their respective clients, however, if any claim is not paid or denied by insurance companies due to any reason, it is our first responsibility to handle the received denial appropriately and try our best to re-process the claim and receive respective payment efficiently and professionally. We will collect every single penny against your service.


At EZ Billing Co, we have a dedicated staff for follow-up with the insurance carriers for claims processing. After claim submission, our team will contact the concerned carrier about all the submitted claims statuses regularly. This practice will improve your collection rates and ultimately maximizes your overall revenue.


At EZ Billing Co, we are here to recover every single dollar for our Provider. Standard carrier TAT for initial payment is 30 days but our experienced staff will eliminate all your pain regarding your payment concerns on priority. They grab all your initial payments within the standard TAT with daily follow-up.


Being part of EZ Billing Co we also ensure our family that their Practice will have the fastest means of processing available, therefore, our team will bridge Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) setup between Practice and Payers. In this way, we will ensure to receive EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) after claim processing by the Insurance Carrier.


EZ Billing Co also provides Patient Collection services where our dedicated team will collect payment for services rendered. This can include everything from insurance billing to working with patients who are paying out of pocket. The patient collection is integral to the medical billing process as we ensure that Providers are paid for their services.


EZ Billing Co provides Provider Enrollment services for those who are looking forward to getting new contracts with all the Insurance Carriers or want to extend their existing contracts with the carriers, we are here to provide Enrollment and Re-Enrollment services to our new and existing members. We target all the insurance carriers and get our Provider contracted so that he can see all the Patients of all Insurance Carries as In-Network Providers.


EZ Billing Co also provides EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services to our members in which the exchange of patient information, claims, and billing records between providers, insurers, and third-party billing companies takes place. Our team will create online portals with all the insurances so that all the EOBs will reflect and be easily downloaded for further processing.


We care about our Providers and their Practices’ continuous betterment. We are accountable for every action and our skilled team can provide you with reporting on all your AR submission and pull up all the related reports on demand. Providers can demand any type of report and will be facilitated on priority. Moreover, we help our respective Providers to rank their facilities among competitors, identify strengths and areas for improvement, address issues, set goals, and implement quality improvement initiatives.


Hospital privileges are the most concerning and honorable experience Providers wish to do as it authorize medical practitioners to perform specific practice of patient care in a specified healthcare facility. Privileges are granted to physicians based on their current medical credentials and previous performance. In order for a physician to perform specific procedures at a specific hospital, we are here to enable Healthcare Practitioner to get privileges with their desired hospitals within their locality. This will help Medical Practitioner to provide high-quality healthcare services


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